Quality Standard

Quality at TAMURA

Around the world, the name of TAMURA represents reactors with guaranteed high-performance, high reliability and long-life expectancy. Exceeding our customers’ expectations is our daily goal and the basis for not only our long term customer relationships, but also our quality and environmental philosophy.

Certification of the TAMURA Group

At Tamura, we are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction by delivering the products and services that meet customers’ requirements. Our quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our products adhere to strict safety regulations to meet customer specifications, thus ensuring regulatory compliance with international safety requirements such as UL, CSA, JIS, CE, IEC.

The TAMURA GROUP has built an integrated global environment management system and obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Enviromental Policy

The TAMURA Group promotes the conservation of a biologically diverse global environment and conducts all of its business activities in harmony with the environment. These activities based on the Group Mission Statement: “The TAMURA Group offers an original range of products and services, highly regarded in the global electronics market, to satisfy the involving needs of customers, employees and shareholders supporting the Group’s growth.”


Safety Standard

Tamura takes a serious view of the importance of safety for all its designs which is why it has a dedicated Safety Liaison Officer involved at all stages of the design and development process, acting as the consultant and the interface between its team of designers, third party test houses and you the customer, to ensure full compliance with today’s stringent safety approvals.


Customer Design & Optimum Solution

Our team of experienced design engineers customise-design products to meet customers’ specific requirements. Samples are however first made to ensure that such requirements are met.

Our R&D team, located in the central region of Malaysia, is also available to serve our customers. Global support in extensive research and development is readily available from Italy, USA, Brazil, India and Japan.

Engineering assistance is also available to help customers to achieve its optimum circuit performance and cost effectiveness.


Currently, Tamura Malaysia supplies over 50 million pieces of products annually worldwide, both directly and through our marketing network in USA, Europe, India, China, Korea, Thailand and Japan.

Our workforce, semi-automated/automated lines and testing equipment employed by the Company is capable of producing the volume and standard required by our customers.

Affiliated support comes from our network based in Brazil, Mexico, Czech Republic, India, Korea, China, Myanmar and Japan.