Pulse Transformer

A pulse transformer is a transformer that is optimised for transmitting rectangular electrical pulses (that is, pulses with fast rise and fall times and a relatively constant amplitude). Small versions called signal types are used in digital logic and telecommunications circuits, often for matching logic drivers to transmission lines. Medium-sized power versions are used in power-control circuits such as camera flash controllers. Larger power versions are used in the electrical power distribution industry to interface low-voltage control circuitry to the high-voltage gates of power semiconductors. Special high voltage pulse transformers are also used to generate high power pulses for radar, particle accelerators, or other high energy pulsed power applications


Standard Compliance

  • IEC 60076
  • EN 61558


  • CE

Primary/Secondary Voltage Range

  • Up to 1000V


  • Up to 5KVA
  • Can request for higher capacity

Winding Material

  • Aluminium Foil
  • Copper Foil
  • Enameled/Nomex insulation Aluminium Wire
  • Enameled/Nomex insulation Copper Wire

Silicon Steel

  • Non Grained Oriented Silicon Steel (NGO)
  • Grained Oriented Silicon Steel (GO)


  • High grade polyester varnish

Insulation Class

  • Based on IEC 60085 Insulation Thermal Class
  • Class Y (90°)
  • Class A (105°)
  • Class E (120°)
  • Class B (130°)
  • Class F (155°)
  • Class H (180°)
  • Class N (200°)


  • Air Natural Cooling (AN)
  • Air Force Cooling (AF) 

Ambient Temperature

  • Maximum ambient temperature 40°C
  • Up on customer request

Metal Enclosure Protection Class

  • Standard enclosure IP20
  • Up to enclosure IP43

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