Detuned Harmonics Reactor

“Detuned Filter Reactors, are used in series with capacitor banks in power factor correction units. By using these types of detuned reactors it is possible toavoid following negative effects on system.

• Overcurrent during switching on the capacitor banks
• Overload of capacitor banks because of the harmonic resonance.
• Short lifetime on capacitors
• Overheating of the utility transmission cables.
• Overheating of the distribution transformer.
• Unintended triggering of the protective devices.
• Distortion of utility voltage waveform and problems on voltage sensitive devices
• Interferences on data transmission systems
• Unexplainable faults in electronic boards”


Standard Compliance


Primary/Secondary Voltage Range


Winding Material

Silicon Steel


Insulation Class


Ambient Temperature

Metal Enclosure Protection Class

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